Upcoming Trends in 2015 Smartphones Industry

In 2014, Smartphones Industry made lot of changes, especially in terms of features and performance. As we saw, most Smart- Devices had larger display as compared to previous models. Apart from that, the overall size of the phones did not change, also we observed in 2014 was the selfie passion. There was also a majorly improvements in battery life and slimmer design of the mobile devices. Looking at the changes that look in the year 2014, makes us think that what we should expect in 2015 when it comes to Smartphones. Here, take a look on the upcoming trends in Smartphone Industry in 2015.
Flexible and Sharper Display:
Year 2014 is full of the number of phones with QHD and larger size displays. And it won’t be wrong to say that QHD will be the new FHD of 2015. It may be possible, that in upcoming year mobile-phones are able provide a large screen to watch and play movies and games while maintaining a pocket-able size. Screen can be folded and unfolded , all to thank to OLED technology. With such flexibility for smartphones, some companies even have plans on make wearable mobile phones.

Slimmer Look:

People follows more eye-catching and slimmer design in their next smartphones. In this year, more phone competing hard to wear the crown of the world’s slimmest smartphones. Recently, Vivo X5 Max is the slimmest at 4.75 mm, followed by Oppo R5 and Gionee Elife S5.1 to name a few among others. In 2015, the trend will continue as slim phones are people’s lifestyle quotient.

Selfie Craze:

In this year people are more crazy about selfie mobile-phones. Front camera become the more important than rear camera. We will continue to see front cameras becoming mightier, probably better than the rear ones in some cases.

More Battery Life:

For the best phones, battery life remains a major factor. To solve this problem, most smartphone maker companies increase the battery capacity or decrease the power consumption by using more power efficient chipets. We believe that increase the battery life will be main focus point for smartphone industry.

More Security:

There are many security technology today’s companies follow like fingerprint scanner, photo recognition, Voice recognition etc. In future, we will see more technology for handling better security option for smartphones.

Fitness Majority:

For many smartphone maker companies involved the fitness data in their devices. There are lot of we use today’s mobile phones like pedometer, heart-rate monitor, and such a sensors to assess the fitness data and provide work-out related features. We will continue to see a rise in such features in more and more phones.


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