The Best Tablet You Can Buy in 2014

In this technology world, we become more dependent on the different types of gadget. In this gadgets, Tablets have taken off faster than other piece of technology in recent history. Since, the introduction of the first iPad in 2010, the tablet market has exploded quickly.
A good tablet is more than a screen. People likes to use tablets as only computers or use as a secondary devices that complement a smartphone and laptop. As we know that they are great for everyone for at least a few things like watching videos, playing games, internet surfing, and reading for hours. The main thing before purchasing a best tablet for your need is size and price. Some other important factors, which we consider before to buy these gadgets are:

  • It should be lightweight and fast.
  • It should have lots of apps availability and ease to use.
  • It also has a strong ecosystem of accessories available to it.

There are countless tablets available to buy. From these, we listed a few good tablets, which deserves your money over all the rest.

Apple iPad Air 2:

Apple ipad Air 2

The new iPad Air 2 is more sleeker, faster and even more beautiful than its predecessor. The most exciting thing in this device is new Apple A8X chip, which delivers jaw-dropping graphics in a new wave of games. It also packs a sharper 8-MP iSight camera and a long battery life. You love this gadgets with more advance tech giant.

Apple iPad Air:

Apple iPad Air

It is also a great device with its 64-architechture and M7 Motion Coprocessor. This tablet available in low price. So, if you don’t need to buy latest and want to save your money then it’s a excellent choice for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S(10.5):

Samsung Galaxy Tab S(10.5)

It is the bigger brother of Samsung Galaxy Tab S(8.4), which make a smart choice in tablet world. It is more thin and fast device. The high resolution AMOLED display is perfect to playing games and watching movies. It is also a better choice, if you need an Android Tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3:

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an impressively powerful and versatile device, that fulfill your all basic requirements. It is a true hybrid device, that can fill the both roles such as a tablet or laptop. It is quite bigger than its first and second generation pro devices.

HTC Nexus 9:

Nexus 9
HTC Nexus 9 is the excellent tablet Google has ever made. It has a fast processor and high-resolution display. It will impress you with its elegant look and smart tech features and specifications.


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