Top 5 Features of Latest Microsoft Windows 10

window 10

After more rumors and plenty of leaks, Microsoft has given the world, first official look of the next version of its Windows. The biggest surprise is in its name, everyone expected that, the next Microsoft OS will be called Windows 9, but it’s Windows 10. The company wants to make a killer OS for normal desktop users, who were disappointed with windows 8 Metro interface. So, they added some newly features and other usability enhancement likely to bring enterprises and desktop users back to the windows fold.
Have a look on these newly added features:

The Start Menu Return:
The latest OS windows 10 will have the start menu for desktop, that will combine the standard windows 7 usability and tile form of windows 8. It’s left side will look like the windows 7 start menu and the right side will have the Metro tile icon, which displaying the updates and information. The tile will be customizable.

start menu

Virtual Desktop:
In Windows 10, you will have the option of virtual desktop. Right now, you can use only one desktop per one monitor, but now you will be able to switch many desktop as you like. At present this powerful feature available in only some Linux platform, but now you can use this feature in Windows OS.

virtual desktop

With Windows 10 operating system, the company introduces multitasking feature, that will be big draw to enterprises and consumers. Task View is the greatest example of this multitasking feature, which will help you to switch easily between apps and desktops.

task view

Snap fill and Snap Assist:
The snap features also improve, now you can quickly tile four apps at one time with a new quadrant layout. Windows will show you the other apps and program running for additional snapping and even make smart suggestion on filling available screen space with other apps.

snap fills and snap assist

Command Prompt:
Microsoft has made some modification in command prompt. They promises to make some improvements, which includes the ability of use keyboard shortcuts. That means now you can easily copy-paste in command prompt rather than having to go into a context menu and pressing paste.

command prompt


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