How to Hide and Secure your Data on your Smart Devices?

Today most of tech companies focus on the privacy policy and trustworthy stewards, before build any smart devices. Recently, Apple released a new privacy policy along with a declaration that police can’t get to your password protected data. Essentially, your message, photos and other documents are encrypted automatically when you set up a password, with or without a fingerprint ID to unlock the phone. Further Google also announce that, it’s upcoming Android update will encrypt data by default.
Apple, Google and other tech companies reassure their customer about its security and privacy terms. Beyond setting up pass codes, some smartphones have additional tools for hiding or securing data and documents stored on the devices. So, have a look at some of those option:
Apple’s iPhone and iPads:

Few times back, Apple revealed some software updates for iPhone and iPad. Apple provides an easier way to hide photos from your collection in the photo apps. Simply you can press down on the photo and tap “Hide”. Still the photos will be appear in individual album, including a new one called “Hidden”. You can go there to unhide the hidden photos.
Samsung Galaxy Devices:

samsung galaxy s5 private mode
Samsung’s new device Galaxy S5 introduces a new option “Private Mode”. You can turn on this setting under personalization section. Via this private mode option you can mark some content as private. You can select your data which includes: video, photos, audio recording and music files etc. After mark your content, go back to your setting and turn off the private mode option. No one will know, what’s inside the vault? To unlock the vault you need the password and fingerprint ID.
LG G3:

LG G3 has Guest Mode option. You can set a password for Guest option, so that you don’t have any need to share your password with your friends or relatives.
Look guest mode in the setting under the general tab, you can specify, which apps your guest access in your device. It will be depend on your choice.


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