iOS 8 Vs Android L: Who will dominate?

Which operating system is more suitable to our device? It is the more basic question for every smartphone user, before purchasing their mobile devices.
Today, when we talk about the OS, two names appears  in our mind- Android or iOS. iOS played a key role in defining what a modern smartphone OS should look and act like, in other way Android won the hearts of many with its openness and attracts them through price point. But Android and iOS both are different on so many level. So, here we compare both iOS 8 beta running on iphone 5s and Andoird L that preview release installed on Nexus 5. According to IDC report, Android and iOS are separated even more with iOS related more to the higher market and Android gearing for the lower. Lets see here, who will dominate?
Design and User Interface:
Android L used an new user interface, which is based around what Google calls ”Material Design”. Its 3D views and extensive use of shadows makes it different form another version of Android OS. Further more it also included new animation as well as touch feedback and transition animation between apps.
When we talking about the iOS 8, there is no major change in their new user interface. It has replaced skeuomorphic design into Flat design in its iOS 8.
New Features:
According to users expectation, Android L added some newly features that includes a revamped notification panel, which places notifications on the lock screen. You can swipe notifications away if you’re in middle of something else or respond from where you are. It also have new look in their home screen.
In iOS 8 as we mention before, it is very similar to the iOS 7 in looks. To makes it appear different, Apple included transparency and some visual effects in iOS 8. It is also have multitasking screen similar to Android L.
Performance, Battery life and Security:
To make the performance faster, Android L replaced the Android’s app engine by the ART runtime. ART support the latest 64-bit processors, pre-compiles apps when you first install them for faster app launching, and according to Google it runs at twice the speed of Dalvik. In most of Android OS have the battery issues, but Android L will be solved this problem. Google has put all efforts to improve the power usage and security issues in their Andoird L OS.
If we talk about the iOS 8 security and battery life, then it introduces some features and apps that makes it more secure and bringing a good battery life in their devices. It includes such as- battery usages manager that find out which app and functions consume more battery, Siri, health app etc. Its performance is faster then its predecessor.


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