Top 5 Smartphones with Remarkable Features

When we’re looking for a perfect mobile to buy, we can’t decide easily. We becomes more choosy and get more confused in their brand and specifications.
Today many smartphones available with almost same features, but what are the unique features that makes your smartphone distinct than other flagship? Here is a list of smartphones with some remarkable features that no other smartphones can match.
Samsung Galaxy S5: Heart Rate Sensor

Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone with a built-in a heart sensor which enables you to measure your heart rate. Marketed as part of the S health software, it is the only phone that tracks your heartbeat rate in your fingertips. The inflated S health induces you through your fitness routine daily and consistently. While some apps are also available on the iphone with the same heart rate tracking features, but Galaxy S5 gives you the consistent reading of your heart beats than iphone apps.
Nokia Lumia 1020: Unbeatable Photos and Video via 41MP camera

Nokia Lumia 1020 possess of a 41 MP camera. It is the only smartphone with a 41MP camera sensor, full HD video and Nokia Rich Recording for incredible audio capture with distortion free sound. It comes with a back-sided illuminated (BSI) sensor and ZEISS 6-element lens. With this extra ordinary feature you can capture the best of sight and sound – creating stunning shots, day or night.
LG G Flex: Self-Healing back

LG G Flex provides a curved screen, but it is not the only unique feature that makes it stand apart from the average smartphone. Coated with a special ‘self-healing’ layer on the back side, G flex can be considered the “Wolverine” smartphone. Fine scratches like the one caused by keys in your pocket along the phone or scuff marks caused by dropping the phone gets healed on its own, so you have a brand new cover sans any scratch marks all the time.
Gionee Elife S5.5: Slimmest Smartphone in the World

Gionee Elife S5.5 wore the crown of world’s slimmest smartphone, that uses slimmest AMOLED Screen and slimmest PCB board with a 0.6mm and 0.4mm glass rear cover.
Moto X: Quick Capture

One of the Motorola’s standout feature in the Moto X camera is “Quick Capture”, which enables you to launch the camera app with two quick flicks of the wrist. It is little bit silly but really interesting feature. It is more simple and quick. That “Quick Capture” motion in combination with a full screen shutter button is what enables you to take pictures so quickly from a dead stop, and it works as advertised.


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