Smartphones: A remote controller of our life

In our Real world, smartphones are very big part in people`s life.  Technology developing every time that makes our life easier. But in real, this technology also makes us most addicted and lazy. And in this technology, Smartphones plays a very important role in our life.

Today, smartphones are not technological devices that peoples use to make calls, but now it becomes the remote of human’s life. Today many smartphones maker company try to invented such a smartphone device, that will be allow you to download extraordinary apps which control your home, also you will be able to measure your blood pressure.
This once wasn’t possible yet but with the advancement of smart phone accessories being entrenched with sensors and through mobile app downloads via download stores, all these day to day activities can now be done through the comfort of your own smart phone device.
Many Technological companies have promised to bring more advancement technology, which directly connected to peoples cars, home appliances and body. And one day the power of apps technology made this dream true.
Reason behind this Idea:
Main reason behind this idea is that peoples becomes more addicted to smart phones and technology. And no one likes to leave their smart devices down. Most of companies also produces some gadgets to attract public toward their products. I think one day these gadget will be become the life’s remote controller.


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