Microsoft’s Cortana Personal Assistant in the form of Alpha and Beta

Microsoft is planning to some update in Window 8.1, which include the expansion of Cortana Personal Assistant. This Cortana is introduces to China and UK in Beta form, and India, Australia and Canada in Alpha form.
Basically Cortana is a codename for newly personal assistant and knowledge navigator for window 8.1. Cortana is used Microsoft’s voice technology “TellMe”, which is purchased by Microsoft 2009.

What changes made by Cortana in Window 8.1:
Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s operating systems group said, that Cortana will get her own Live Tile, so that is replace the search function in your windows phone. It can take notes, send reminders, location data which includes your home and work location.
Cortana also have Notebook that are use for user interest, which including “inner circle” which contain favorite users, and “Quite hours” which can block the notifications.
Company’s Strategy:
Microsoft offers multiple methods for users to control everything on their devices. “”Xiao Na” a Chinese version of cortana is most similar to the versions which are available anywhere, yet it has some additional features according to users needs.
Xiao Na has a fresh visual appearance as well as has good animations and sounds. Also it offers driving restriction information, track celebrities and TV shows, and air quality information.
In other hand, UK version of Cortana has UK spellings and pronunciations, which offering detail data on the country’s sports teams, travel conditions and stocks.


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