Amazon Firephone: A fresh Perspective over the Boring-devices

Amazon unveiled its first smartphone as a Firephone last month. Jeff Bezos, the company’s chief executive, main motive is that “This smartphone offering, a fresh perspective on a now-boring device. The iPhone and Android smartphone are so familiar that companies have been suing each other for stealing ideas. The Fire phone uses Android, but Amazon has modified with some advance features.
How it Differ from other Smartphones:
The Fire Phone is an attractive rectangular prism that has lightly-rounded corners. The buttons are nice and solid. The most interesting feature is five front-facing cameras which sprinkled across its face; one is for selfies, the other four are devoted to tracking your face to pull off its fancy 3D tricks. The Fire’s 4.7-inch, 720 x 1280 pixel IPS display has a nice screen which have a wide viewing angle. All over it is a fine looking smartphone.
Dynamic Perspective:
Dynamic Perspective provides a sensation of 3D-imagenary by using of four four infrared cameras. You can control the game without touching the screen. But it works well only coverage area. It also simulated 3D effect, where your phone images are moving with your eye. I like the philosophy behind the Dynamic perspective.
The Firephone is also introduces new marquee feature as Firefly. Through this feature you can use the Fire phone’s camera to scan which immediately identify a product, and also pointing where you can buy it online. It doesn’t work everything, mostly it works properly with smaller products. It also work with text, you can scan in business cards, URL’s and emails.
All over It has beautiful design and more advance features. If you want to read more  about this smartphone then visit following link:


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